Post Game Analysis

Overall SBF Graph Average & Median Overall SBF Graph

* ”PL r” stands for “Premier League Round” * ”CL GS” stands for “Champions League Group Stage” * ”CL K16” stands for “Champions League Knockout Phase 16” * ”CL K8” stands for “Champions League Knockout Phase 8” * Last Updated: Apr 5, 2012

Sentibet vs Reality!

Sentibet™ is a sentiment based forecasting service for the Sports sector, focused on reflecting the likely outcomes for the upcoming sporting events around the globe.

Sentibet™ is derived from custom programming of our powerful text analytics platform Neurolingo Mnemosyne™. The system handles on-line and automated processing, analysis and identification of all the information posted on the social web (e.g. blogs, forums etc.) and especially social networking sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.) that relate to sporting events.

In its current version, the Sentibet™ service is focused only on the real time processing of the Twitter Stream and offers sentiment based forecasts only for European Football sporting events and specifically the English Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League competitions. Its current on-line processing speed is limited to 4-5 Tweets per second and the service starts processing the Twitter Stream, 2-3 days prior the scheduled match day and time.

Although it was conceived as a demonstration of Neurolingo Technologies, Sentibet™ has shown that its real-time sample of Tweets can be considered statistically significant in forecasting outcomes of sporting events.

Neurolingo Mnemosyne™ allows Sentibet™ to achieve very high Text Analytics accuracy rates in terms of the successful, accurate and precise on-line processing and analysis of the Twitter Stream and the correct identification of the tweets that refer to a specific sporting event and express either a prediction, feeling or wish for the likely outcome.

The SBF (Sentiment Based Forecast) algorithm is proprietary but we encourage visitors to create an account and create their own mix of predictions, wishes and hopes.

Creating an algorithm and applying specific business logic on top of Neurolingo Mnemosyne™ results, is the final stage of this usage of text analytics. Analysts/Business Experts in other fields may choose to define a custom program and apply suitable business logic for their particular industry that may or may not include an algorithm but would include a custom set of data feeds.

Post Game Analysis Figures

The following charts present an indicative mapping of Sentibet’s forecasting results (SBF) in accordance to the actual final game outcomes.

Barclays Premier League Figures
Sentibet’s solid performance for the Premier League games, despite the significant number of upsets and draws, gets 50% average direct success rate and almost 80% average double chance success rate.
Barclays Premier League / SBF Mapping Barclays Premier League / SBF Overall Mapping

* ”r” stands for “Round” * Last Updated: Apr 5, 2012

UEFA Champions League Figures
UEFA Champions League / SBF Mapping UEFA Champions League / SBF Overall Mapping

* ”GS d” stands for “Group Stage Day” * ”K16 d” stands for “Knockout Phase 16 Day” * ”K8” stands for “Knockout Phase 8” * Last Updated: Apr 5, 2012

Tweets per Sporting Event
Overall Tweets Graph

* ”PL r” stands for “Premier League Round” * ”CL GS” stands for “Champions League Group Stage” * ”CL K16” stands for “Champions League Knockout Phase 16” * ”CL K8” stands for “Champions League Knockout Phase 8” * Last Updated: Apr 5, 2012

Top 20 Successful Twitter Accounts
Top 20 Twitter User Accounts Table Users Distribution / Success Range Graph

* Last Updated: Dec 13, 2011 * Indicative results based on the processed tweets from the commencing of Sentibet’s service operation up to now. * Sentibet processes 4-5 tweets per second and thus does not ensure that every tweet of a twitter user has been captured and processed.

Text Analytics Accuracy Rate
The current average tweets processing, analysis & identification accuracy rate is more than 75%. Indicative Text Analytics Accuracy Rate per Match:
Text Analytics Accuracy Rate Graph