Sentibet takes on Super Bowl XLVI & drills down into demographics

Sentibet is turning from looking at Premier League Football to monitor the upcoming SuperBowl. Unlike many analytics services, Sentibet looks not just at raw sentiment but carefully parses messages on Twitter to sense what people expect and hope as outcomes, mashing this together into a special formula for a combined likely outcome. With more than 50,000 tweets forecasting the Super Bowl XLVI outcome processed by Sentibet, the Giants are currently favored by 54 percent of the forecasters, a slight uptick in sentiment. While at the same time odd makers favor Patriots… Sentibet also commences drilling down into demographics. The following graph shows an indicative sample of the demographics analysis for the Super Bowl XLVI. Sentibet SuperBowl XLVI Demographics You can also read this great article about Sentibet “Sentiment Tool Scans Twitter To Set Super Bowl Odds”. Stay tuned! There are more to come in the near future.